[Freeswitch-users] CallManager trunk to FS

Mitch Johnson mitch.johnson7 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 18 20:02:06 MSK 2011

I'm having a few issues where the freeswitch 1.6 is not registering with the callmanager 8.  

[ERR] sofia_reg c:1765 CM8 Registration Failed with status DNS Error [503].

  <gateway name="CM8">
  <param name="username" value="xxxx"/>
  <param name="password" value="xxxx"/>
  <param name="realm" value="CM8.localhost.local"/>
I added the CM8.localhost.local to the hosts file as the CM is on the same network and doesn't need a DNS entry.  Can I replace the value in the realm field with an IP Address?

I did check the box MTP required on the callmanager. 

I've reloaded the xml file using the sofia profile external ...

Thanks so much,


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