[Freeswitch-users] Parallel compilation on a Linux machine

Ken Rice krice at freeswitch.org
Thu Feb 17 20:55:38 MSK 2011

Tony might have to chime in here... But does the turbo-build.sh script still
work right?


On 2/17/11 11:45 AM, "mazilo" <Nabble at slickdeals.endjunk.com> wrote:

> curriegrad2004 wrote:
>> Similar configuration here, but all performed under a Fedora 13 x86 VM
>> running on VirtualBox with the host running on Windows 7. Guest has
>> 2GB of RAM allocated to it and no GUI installed at all.
> Interesting. You do a compilation through a VM running on a Win7 and it
> takes about 20minutes. Does the compilation use both CPU? Mine is a straight
> AMD64 PhenomII X3 running on an OpenSuSE v11.3 and it takes almost an hour
> long to compile. Perhaps, it has something to do with cross compilation.
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