[Freeswitch-users] Aastra phone registration lost

Tim St. Pierre fs-list at communicatefreely.net
Wed Feb 9 18:57:59 MSK 2011

Hi Philippe,

I have been testing just about every model of phone that Aastra makes 
(or has made), on our Freeswitch system, and they all work fine, even 
behind NAT.  It's probably just a setting that isn't right, as you can 
adjust a lot of this stuff in the phone config file.

Can you post your aastra.cfg?  I'll take a look and see if there is 
anything obvious.

What is your topology?  Are the phone behind NAT, or is this a LAN 


Philippe Sultan wrote:
> Hello to the FreeSWITCH users,
> I'm experiencing problems registering an Aastra 6731i phone to
> FreeSWITCH. The registration process itself works fine, but the phone
> never re-registers to FS after the expiration time specified in the
> expires paramater set in the Contact SIP Header Field. And therefore
> becomes unreachable from FS after some time.
> The phone seems to be buggy because it simply ignores the value given
> in the expires parameter. Testing with Asterisk, the phone remains
> accessible, because Asterisk adds an Expires HF in addition to the
> expires param in the Contact HF.
> Did anyone observed what's described here? I've tested several Aastra
> firmwares with the same result. I have also tried to set the
> registration expiration time on the phone itself without success.
> I believe I can cope with this situation by adding an Expires HF from
> the (SIP Express Router) proxy that stays between the phone and FS,
> but I'm sure there's a simpler way to get a proper registation
> process.
> I'm using FreeSWITCH 1.0.6 (that comes along with the Blue.box GUI).
> Kind regards,
> Philippe
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