[Freeswitch-users] 2 endpoints behing NATs

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David ,


Thank you for such prompt response! 


I checked my X-Lite configuration and find that “Use rport” had been checked.

However, Registration doesn’t include anything about fs_nat(see below). Do I need explicitly configure/load RTP proxy support? If yes, will appreciate instructions.







User:           1005 at

Contact:        "Test User" <sip:1005 at;rinstance=b125d2389d25349c>

Agent:          X-Lite release 1104o stamp 56125

Status:         Registered(UDP)(unknown) EXP(2010-09-01 08:33:35)

Host:           hostname10178.theplanet.host


Port:           22150

Auth-User:      1005


MWI-Account:    1005 at




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FS includes a RTP Proxy with server-side NAT-traversal capabilities.

So this should work if you register your phones to the internal dialplan, which you probably do.


In the Sip Account/Advanced tab settings of X-lite, you have to check "Use rport".


After that, you can check on FS if the NAT was detected:


sofia status profile internal


You should see your 2 phones connected, each of them with a Contact line.

If this Contact line does not include "fs_nat=yes", then the NAT was not detected, which will probably happen if "Use rport" is missing.


That's a first step.


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Le 01/09/2010 à 11:25, Stas Khirman a écrit :



Sorry for novice question:


Successfully setup FreeSWITCH on publicly accessible IP using 1.0.6 standard configuration. No changes in configuration, dial plan, etc…


Basic tests (music,echo,etc) are working ok. However, the problem observed with call between two softphones (X-lite) behind NATs – call signal are coming through but no media. Both NATs are kind of typical household WiFi routers.   Everything ok if one of softphones is connected without NAT.


Does two NATs configuration supported by stock FreeSWITCH ? Can I make it work by changing some configuration parameters or I need something like RTP proxy or similar?




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