[Freeswitch-users] Volume of DTMF tones

Phillip Jones pjintheusa at gmail.com
Fri Nov 19 15:51:43 PST 2010

Hi there,

We received the following comment from a customer who is not able to use
DTMF tones generated from FreeSWITCH.

The call flow is

PSTN ------> FS -----> PSTN    i.e. simple call forwarding. The comment

"we had our phone system tech out yesterday. He tested the line and noted
that when the forwarded (FreeSWITCH) line is forwarded the DTMF tones were
weak. When our main line was called directly the DTMF tones were clear and
strong. Perhaps by boosting the power during the forwarding process this can
be rectified. I hope that helps.

I am using start_dtmf_generate

Is there a way of boosting the volume of the generated tones? Or just a
better way to handle this situation?

Thanks so much for any advice

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