[Freeswitch-users] Roadwarrier setup on external profile.

Joakim Gissberg joakim at gissberg.nu
Fri May 28 12:03:19 PDT 2010


I have set up my freeswitch server so that the default profile binds to 
my internal interface port 5060, and the external profile is bind to my 
external interface on the same port.
What I want to accomplis is that each incomming call also rings the 
"roadwarrior" connected sip-clients, ie the ones authenticated to the 
external profile.

I have created a ringgroup, and each incoming call is ringed in the 
public context (dialplan/public/00_XXX_incoming.xml) with

> <action application="transfer" data="1020 XML default"/>

and every user is in that group. Works if I authenticate with the 
internal profile.

I have uncomment the 
transfer-authentificated-sip-clients-to-default-context part in 
dialplan/public.xml and I can call and use those extensions from the 
external profile (for example call a local extensions authenticated 
against the default internal profile from the roadwarrior).
The problem firstly I guess is that an internal client can't call the 
externaly connected client, the call gets directly to voicemail with 
error "[ERR] switch_ivr_originate.c:2493 Cannot create outgoing channel 
of type [error] cause: [USER_NOT_REGISTERED]"

The configuration is pretty much default other than the changes 
explained above and added outgoing SIP-trunks.

Any pointers to how I could solve this?

  - J

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