[Freeswitch-users] [Out of curiosity] Why not use a voice modem for FXO?

Mike Tkachuk mike at yes.net.ua
Wed May 26 08:41:54 PDT 2010

Hello GillesToo,

 Asterisk "X100P" is just Intel IA92 WinModem.
 This is the so-called "clone" X100P, you can buy it on ebay for 15$
 I used this last time like 5 years ago :)
 Main  problems  you'll  face  is echo and detecting line states (when
 remote party hangup or pick up a call)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010 4:37:08 PM, you wrote:

G> Hello

G> In case there are system developers out there with good experience writing
G> modem softare, considering that...
G> 1. even a cheap OpenVox PCI card starts at $90 for just one FXO port
G> 2. even entry-level PC's theses days have ample CPU power especially when
G> just used a basic server with Linux
G> 3. we've been using so-called softmodems (ie. controller-less modems that
G> offload processing to the computer's CPU) for over a decade and they sell
G> for about $10 as OEM
G> 4. and finally, Digium/Asterisk's Zaptel driver was precisely meant to run
G> on cheap voice cards

G> ... I was wondering why no one has gone forth and written a driver for this
G> kind of hardware, which would be great for SOHO users to handle just one
G> landline. Is it because the hardware is not standard enough, and writing
G> this kind of driver takes a lot of work?

G> Thank you.

Mike Tkachuk

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