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David Ponzone david.ponzone at gmail.com
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just to be sure: does your device set rport in the INVITE ?
If not, it could explain your issue, and you could force that by using  
force-rport in the SIP profile.

Bonus: I dont think you need to do that. If your FS is out of your  
local LAN, and using public IP, you can register as many devices on  
your local LAN without doing anything special.
The only thing is that FS does some magic to guess that a device is  
behind NAT (based on the IPs in the INVITE, on the presence of rport  
in the Via field, etc...), and sometimes, the magic is not powerful  
enough (if rport is not there for example).
Using force-rport can help.
To check if FS sees a device correctly behind NAT, check the  
sofia_contact (sofia status profile <profile name> shows that for all  
registered devices).
You should see fs_nat=yes and fs_path should contain the right way to  
reach the device (with public Ip and public port).

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Le 13/05/2010 à 19:32, Garrison Hoffman a écrit :

> Thank you, Peder and David.
> I honestly haven't worried much about the fax, we don't use it much  
> and
> LAN load is light, but I just read a bit and T38 relay sounds  
> promising.
> I have to say I'm a bit wary of VoIP vendors who don't do on-line
> ordering, but Patton's SmartLink 4020 has piqued my interest and I'll
> check them out. Naturally I'll be comparing them against Peder's
> recommendation of the SPA2102, which has moved to the top of my list  
> (at
> least until I can get price info from Patton).
> Incidentally, switching from specifying a NAT IP to STUN seems to have
> helped (even though it gets the same IP), but I won't consider it a
> valid test until it sits overnight. In any case T.38 support is
> sufficient reason to upgrade.
> -gh
> P.S. Bonus points if someone can direct me to something which explains
> why moving FS off my local LAN means I have to register each extension
> using a different SIP port. I suspect it was doing NAT traversal with
> neither STUN nor UPnP but I don't know enough to definitively rule out
> my FS config.
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