[Freeswitch-users] No audio/dtmf from softphone behind NAT

Fraser Redmond fraserredmond at gmail.com
Sat Apr 3 08:49:21 PDT 2010

I've got a FreeSwitch server up on Amazon EC2, ports wide open for my office
external-IP, server iptables disabled, and changed the FreeSwitch ACL
domains to "allow", so it's all wide open for now.

In the office I'm trying to connect to the server from Bria/X-lite. I've
entered a stun server (stun.freeswitch.org) and I can now call to the
server, but not from the server. I read this page:
which suggested adding this variable to the user config:


With that on I can now call to and from the server. However with or without
that although I can hear audio from the server, audio to the server isn't
arriving (doesn't appear in recordings), and dtmf doesn't get received

When I hang up from the client, I see in the CLI that it gets that
instruction, so it hasn't started the call and lost all contact with the
softphone, it's receiving some instructions, but not the audio and dtmf.

The problem is that both the server and client are each behind NAT, so
either could be having the problem (on EC2 the auto-NAT doesn't work, so
I've specified the external rtp and sip ip's.. I've also turned on
aggressive-NAT in case that helps. Also I'm connecting to the server by a
sub-domain (A-name) rather than IP.)

I've got almost the same setup working fine on the internal network (same
dialplan and directory, and all the config is the same if it can be), so
it's got to be something to do with the NAT's.

Any suggestions on what the problem might be, or how to find it?

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