[Freeswitch-users] Web page thoughts

Steve Underwood steveu at coppice.org
Thu Jun 11 09:09:06 PDT 2009

Anthony Minessale wrote:
> One important thing is that if we go around following everything 
> everybody else says
> we become a follower in our field.
> I have had numerous people tell me what to do in the code, what to 
> name things, what to eat for breakfast.
> Plain and simple, I will choose what to put on our website, when to 
> put it there and what it says.
> You are welcome to your own opinion.  I have no problem with it.  If 
> you say something I like we may
> even listen.  Feel free to comment on anything else you find when 
> browsing our community.
> BUT,
> If you have no sense of humor, you will not make it far in the open 
> source telecom industry.
> If you want a more professional looking site, we do have some guys in 
> suits on our FreeSWITCH Solutions site.
> http://www.freeswitchsolutions.com/
The main reason www.freeswitchsolutions.com 
<http://www.freeswitchsolutions.com/> looks more professional that 
www.freeswitch.org is not the content of the pictures but their size. 
The pictures at the top of the www.freeswitch.org are too big and in 
your face. They completely dominate the screen when it appears.


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