[Freeswitch-users] Few question regarding move from Asterisk to FS - resend

Ivica Samija ivica.lists at googlemail.com
Fri Jan 23 04:20:35 PST 2009

Last message was incomplete, sorry for that, resending.

Hi all,
our company have implemented two Asterisk servers to:
- connect two company sites
- transition to IP telephony
- cut down TCO regarding telephony

Our interconnection schema:

--T1/E1 provider1--<           >
--T1/E1 provider2--< Asterisk1 >--T1/E1/ trunk--< propriety PBX1 >
---SIP provider3---<           >
                    SIP trunk
                  < Asterisk2 >--T1/E1/ trunk--< propriety PBX2 >

On each site we have number of IP phones connected to Asterisk and
analog phones connected to propriety PBX.
Features implemented on Asterisk boxes are:
- queue
- conference
- transfer calls
All was more or less good until we had to implement call rating (we
have to keep track cost made on each extension for statistic).
Company policy is that implementation has to be in house. We hit brick
wall because Asterisk have inaccurate CDRs (transfers, forwards,...)
I am looking in FS for last few weeks and it seams to me that it can
replace our Asterisk boxes, and more :).
I am a little confused with XML config but it seams to me that it is
worth of learning.
For most of my question I have found answers in documentation wiki and
on list archive, but I have just a few question still without answer.
I am sorry if the answers are out there but I was to clumsy to find
them. In that case some info or link would be great.
So here we go:
1) OpenZap is stable enough that it can be used in production?
As you can see we depend on 4 zap trunks.
We use OpenVox T1/E1 cards (D210P and D410P) with wct4xxp module.
We use ccs, hdb3, crc4, loadzone=it in zaptel.conf
We use switchtype=euroisdn, pridialplan=international, pridialplan=unknown,
pri_cpe and pri_net signaling.
Any suggestions are welcome.

2) Is it possible do bridge to Zap group instead of channel
something like Dial(Zap/g4/${EXTEN:1},60,t)?

3) If I understood correct I can talk with SQLite (or other DB) only
through Lua, Javascript,...
there is nothing similar to Set(mobile=${DB(mob/${EXTEN:1})})

4) mod_nibblebill, is it possible to get resulting cost per channel in
some channel variable
and than put value in custom cdr field

Sorry on bad english, not a native speaker.
Best regards,

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