[Freeswitch-users] ilbc & alaw transcoding not working correctly?

Hostinsky Miroslav Miroslav.Hostinsky at sitronicsts.com
Wed Jan 14 14:51:07 PST 2009

Hello all!,

I am using freeswitch with Nokia E65 phone. When phone uses iLBC codec and I am trying "monkey demo" in the example IVR sound is choppy. When using alaw/ulaw there is no problem, it works OK. IVR prompts work OK with G711 and iLBC, there is no problem. So probably freeswitch is not able properly transcode between iLBC and G711 (when calling to external SIP peer?).

Machine is powerful but it runs inside Xen (but load is minimal, I think this is not problem).

So, what do you think? Where is problem?

Thank you!

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