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Hi Paul,

If you mean fixing up pocketsphinx (ps) for telephony instead of or in addition to working on unimrcp then this is the site of the person who created ps and he may have some advice.


Also, this was a post from the sphinx forums for adapting pocketsphinx for telephony.


I don't know how accurate it is but if accurate then here is that post to give you some of the issues involved:

Well, there are issues in both the decoder and the interface with the 
telephony application. 
First about the decoder, pocketsphinx right now is the most supported 
and most feature-reach decoder of the family, but in general it's still 
oriented on the embedded devices. For telephony applications you 
probably need to extend it a lot. The features that are currently 
missing are probably: 
* Out-of-box support for multiple recognizers (probably more a freeswitch 
issue and a model training issue, for example we have no free 
male/female model). ?
* Speaker clustering. ?
* Automatic VTLN estimation from pitch (This looks simple). ?
* Good endpointer. ?
* Discriminative training support in SphinxTrain (Huge task). 
* Good and clean support for a garbage model to be able to filter out 
out of grammar words. 
* Embedded RASTA extraction and RASTA model training. 
* Advanced features extraction 
Another issue is dialog tracking and understanding. CMU folks are doing 
work on dialog systems, for example Raven is available 
It would be worth to look on it and try to integrate it into 
freepbx. Decoder will need to support combined language model. As well 
as you'll need a component for postprocessing. The postprocessing includes 
disfluency removal, text normalization, text boundary detection. Integration 
with nltk probably useful for sense extraction. 
If you need more details on any of the above, feel free to ask. 



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What would it take to put a budget together to for this project?  

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 "My god" I would LOVE it if this is really the case and would praise
pocketsphinx (PS) and FS to no end. But my experience has been different.

First, I tried the pizza demo with a soft phone and later by outside phone
calls to my Linksys 3102 pstn-to-voip gateway. 
Second, I tried these two set-ups again but with Voxeo's Prophecy ASR.

Both are as is and by this I mean there was no training of PocketSphinx just
running the pizza demo and with Prophecy there is no training because it
can't be trained.

Prophecy is quite good but the FS/Pocketsphinx pizza demo isn't and I
couldn't use it at a pizza join. Also, I get a much better experience when
calling LumenVox and trying their pizza demo.

Now, maybe Prophecy is the type of asr that doesn't require hours of
training to make it speaker independent. I know that the Sphinx family are
the types of ASR that do need this.

So, if there is some settings for adaptation of Pocketsphinx for speaker
independence then are they turned on?
How many hours of calls to a business should an owner expect before
PocketSphinx gets good enough not to scare customers away?

If there are many hours needed then I could see using another ASR in the
mean time, recording their calls and feeding the audio to Pocketsphinx for
training, then switching to Pocketspinx once it's "tuned up." At least this
way a business doesn't have to deal with a "virgin" pocketsphinx. 



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