[Freeswitch-users] Gateways vs Directory Users

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What you are doing is correct.

In FS gateways only represent a set of credentials that the profile uses to
authenticate to another sip UA
The actual UA is the sofia profile and the gateways are assumed identities
to deal with challenges.

Also to manage everything from the same place,
you can put the <gateways> tag inside the <user> tag in the directory then
tell sofia to parse the whole domain for gateways in the profile

in <domains> section of your sofia profile
<domain name="domain.com" parse="true"/>

this will tell FS to open that domain in the user directory and check every
for <gateways> and parse them all.

On Tue, Jan 13, 2009 at 10:45 AM, Apostolos Pantsiopoulos
<regs at kinetix.gr>wrote:

> I think one of the most difficult ideas to grasp when someone
> migrates to FS from other soft-switches is the definition of
> endpoints (in the generic meaning of the word) i.e. other gateways
> that your FS gateway will exchange traffic with. From what I
> understood from the wiki :
> a user (directory) is an entitiy that defines our subscribers (with
> registration or not)
> a gateway is another VoIP gateway that we use to send traffic to
> (provider) and sometimes receive traffic from
> (correct me If I am wrong this far)
> Now, I have the following scenario :
> I have an FS box that will exhchange traffic with certain gateways.
> Sometimes a gateway will act as a client (customer) or a provider,
> depending on the traffic direction.
> 1st approach :
> The first plan I tried, was to use the directory to "define" these
> other gateways since they are clients. I  turned off registrations
> in my SIP profile (because I don't need any), I wrote an xml file
> for each gateway in the directory with the appropriate cidr and that
> was it.
> I then realized that I could not use my definitions in the users directory
> so that I can send a call to that  client. In order to do so, I had to
> define
> that particular IP as a gateway in my SIP profile <gateways> section.
> 2nd approach :
> I forgot all about the directory thing (after all I needed not any
> mailboxes or registrations) and tried  to implement the same scenario
> by just using gateways. I declared the gateways in my SIP profile and
> was able to dial out to them just by using :
> <action application="bridge" data="sofia/gateway/<gw_name>/$1"/>
> which was fine. But when I got an inbound call from that gateway
> I realized (1) that I had to define this gateway in an acl and (2) the
> dialplan used (context) was always the inbound one since there is no
> way of telling a gateway which context to use when accepting a call.
> I found a way in the wiki that suggests using DIDs to accomplish that,
> but I find it this to be not a very elegant solution because I don't
> want to use
> prefixes or DIDs to accomplish my goal. I want to be able to define a
> gateway using a gateway name  (label) of my choice and an IP address,
> so when I come to the point of having 100+ gateways i won't
> have to search wich DID to use for a new one.
> 3rd approach :
> Use a combination of the above. Declare a gateway that receives and
> sends traffic twice. Once as a
> user in the directory and once in the gateways section of my profile.
> Does all these sound correct to you? Am I missing something? Which
> approach is the best?
> Please send me your feedback. Inline comments would be ideal.
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