[Freeswitch-users] polycom one-way audio problem

Matthew Kaufman matthew at matthew.at
Wed Jan 7 22:51:13 PST 2009

Matthew Kaufman wrote:
> Matthew Kaufman wrote:
>> I have upgraded to the latest boot roms and SIP firmware, I 
>> get the same one-way audio between the polycom and x-lite, and now on a 
>> polycom-polycom call I get no audio in *either* direction. (Not much of 
>> an improvement, but different)
> For those following on the list, a successful workaround is to set 
> "inbound-proxy-media" to true. Why that should be necessary, and why it 
> behaves the way it does when that is set to false (the strangest part 
> being that calls that go directly to VM have good audio, but calls that 
> ring the far end for a time and then go to VM have no audio *even* when 
> they've gone over to VM), I still don't understand.

I spoke too soon. If I turn on "inbound-proxy-media", then it goes back 
to "called party can hear calling party, but calling party calling party 
cannot hear called party" (the same as it was before upgrading to the 
latest Polycom firmware), and additionally the calling party now gets 
ringback (didn't before), but if the called party doesn't answer instead 
of dropping to voicemail it goes to fast busy.

The last is probably related to: "[ERR] sofia_glue.c:1608 
sofia_glue_tech_set_codec() No audio codec available" which then fires 

I also picked up version 11089 *and* threw out all the conf directory 
and regenerated it from the sample source, so this is 100% today-build, 
default-settings (except for the adjustments to inbound-proxy-media).

Matthew Kaufman

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