[Freeswitch-users] mod_opal calls and records

Vlasis Hatzistavrou (KTI) vhatz at kinetix.gr
Wed Jan 7 10:14:09 PST 2009


Josh Forman wrote:
> I started to do some testing with h323 calls using mod_opal and I have  
> been having a number of issues.

This is interesting, as I wasn't aware that there was a working mod_opal 
with FS, yet.

Which FS version are you using?

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> I've been creating calls that come into freeswitch as SIP and output  
> as h323 and while I have a call open I did not see any entries from  
> fs_cli when using the "show channels" or "show calls" commands.  Also  
> no CDR is generated from the call.
> I was wondering if someone could tell me if these issues are from  
> something that just has not been implemented yet in mod_opal or if  
> this is most likely a configuration issue on my side.
> Thank you,
> Josh
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