[Freeswitch-users] RFC compliance list, FS Road map and RFC.5411

Richard Lamkin Richard.Lamkin at mettoni.com
Thu Apr 30 08:47:35 PDT 2009

Sorry in my eagerness I seem to have sent my original email with a few
words missing. Too much cut and paste!


Q1 - I have looked on the wiki and was unable to find a list of RFC's
that FS is intended to comply with.

The page http://wiki.freeswitch.org/wiki/Specsheet#Protocols has a list
of SIP protocols by name but these have no RFC number against them.

Have I just missed the page?, if not is there any plan to put such a
page together?

Is there a SIP compliance matrix ?


Q2 -Are there any plans to publish an FS road map ? Even a wish list of
features which users of FS vote on would be helpful. I know FS is OSS
and it does fall to all and not just the core team to implement/extend
the product but a road map would be helpful. 


Q3- I have recently been looking at RFC.5411 which is a basically list
of SIP RFC's. A developer or system designer like me is in the future
are likely to use an RFC like it as a compliance list for SIP stack
selection.  Ultimately, it will be the likes of marketing men who will
be looking for the one stop shop for a SIP spec who use RFC5411 as the
SIP part of a product spec. Are there any plans to use RFC 5411 as a


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