[Freeswitch-users] FreeSWITCH under the Linux 2.6.29 kernel

Jason White jason at jasonjgw.net
Sun Apr 26 18:00:53 PDT 2009

After upgrading to the 2.6.29 kernel (the Debian packaged version), FreeSWITCH
takes up more CPU time than usual, e.g., 7% as reported by top, and the load
average is high (e.g., 0.87) even when the machine is idle and there are no
calls in progress. When top is run, FreeSWITCH appears at the start of the

Is anybody else seeing this? The proportion of CPU time devoted to system
calls seems higher than it should be.

I would be interested in reports from anyone else who is running FreeSWITCH
under Linux or equivalent from a distribution.

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