[Freeswitch-users] VoiceXML

Matt Porter mporter at voice3g.com
Thu Apr 23 22:09:45 PDT 2009

As opposed to what?!

I don't think anyone will claim that voicexml is super elegant... Only  
that it sucks the least

On Apr 23, 2009, at 7:08 PM, Steve Underwood <steveu at coppice.org> wrote:

> mszlazak wrote:
>> If you don't like vxml then here is a post on voicePHP
>> http://www.speechtechblog.com/2009/04/22/voicexml-to-go-down-in-the-third-says-voicephp
>> It's from a vendor but there might be some good ideas to get from  
>> what they
>> are doing.
>> FreeSWITCH needs demand to get vxml and it's not there yet. For  
>> now, it
>> looks like the FS community is waiting for demand instead of trying  
>> to
>> create it.
> Its interesting how the VoiceXML pushers have been able to create the
> air in some circles that VoiceXML is the norm for IVR creation. Its
> actually pretty hard to find people who have ever used it.
> I think voiceXML has one big thing going for it - nothing else for IVR
> building has been standardised. Apart from that its really clunky.  
> Only
> the most trivial examples look even moderately clean and readable.
> Steve
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