[Freeswitch-users] Asterisk Fast AGI like support from FreeSwitch. Also mod_python + Django doc

technologyinspired technologyinspired at gmail.com
Tue Apr 21 12:13:51 PDT 2009

Hello users,

I am new to FreeSwitch. I have used Asterisk a lot but now want to use
FreeSwitch. Presently I write complex Asterisk applications using Fast AGI
in Python. How could I achieve the same from FreeSwitch? The main reason is
that the server has heavy call load and I want to shift that load on two
systems one the FreeSwitch and another the application server.

Could you also give a pointer to such an example or documentation where it
says how to run FreeSwitch applications in client server mode (Fast AGI mode
in Asterisk). Is there any good documentation on mod_python + Django support
in FreeSwitch?


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