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 Well, far to many times awesome things died because there was nothing that created the demand. After all, "build it and they will come" just gets business people "rolling their eyes." Ask yourself how much crap gets sold just because of creating demand while the good stuff struggles because no demand is being created. Happens all the time from cloths to entertainment to tech to health care.

Now, you maybe right that vxml isn't awesome but that wasn't my experience.



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If you don't like vxml then here is a post on voicePHP


It's from a vendor but there might be some good ideas to get from what they

are doing.

Interesting, except for the PHP part. ;) 

FreeSWITCH needs demand to get vxml and it's not there yet. For now, it

looks like the FS community is waiting for demand instead of trying to

create it.

Correct. VXML does need us to create demand. If it is as awesome as some would have us believe then the market will drive the demand.



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