[Freeswitch-users] speex can't find OggS header

can_man at gmx.de can_man at gmx.de
Wed Apr 8 14:24:39 PDT 2009

Hello everyone,

I am trying to get a Java Sip client working with speex/16000. 
FS sets the codec correctly and then starts sending packets to my client:

2009-04-08 21:46:34 [DEBUG] sofia_glue.c:2732 sofia_glue_negotiate_sdp()  Audio Codec Compare [speex:100:16000:0]/[SPEEX:99:16000:20]
2009-04-08 21:46:34 [DEBUG] sofia_glue.c:1857 sofia_glue_tech_set_codec() Set Codec sofia/external5090/puli at SPEEX/16000 20 ms 320 samples

When the packets arrive jspeex can't decode them and I started to look at them manually to find out what the problem is. The payload of each RTP packet is 42 bytes and when looking for the "OggS" header I can't find it.
Or is the ogg header not needed? Jspeex looks for it and as it can't find it, it stops decoding.
Is FS sending one frame per packet?

Thank you very much for your help.
Best wishes,


Wireshark tells me the following for a sample package:

Real-Time Transport Protocol
Setup Method: SDP
10.. .... = Version: RFC 1889 Version (2)
..0. .... = Padding: False
...0 .... = Extension: False
.... 0000 = Contributing source identifiers count: 0
0... .... = Marker: False
Payload type: speex (100)
Sequence number: 9365
Extended sequence number: 74901
Timestamp: 23680
Synchronization Source identifier: 0x004a235c (4858716)
Payload: 2C6679456EE347FFD0A3D55B133771A9A100DB639F5B8ED2...

Payload is 42 bytes.
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