[Freeswitch-users] need help getting ISDN talking to Cisco 3845

Michael Collins msc at freeswitch.org
Tue Apr 7 23:57:37 PDT 2009


Okay, a few things. First off, the wanpipe2.conf file has a booboo. This
line is WRONG:
TDMV_DCHAN      = 0

For ISDN in North America you want:
TDMV_DCHAN      = 24

Also, I recommend changing this line:
wbg1 = wanpipe2, , TDM_VOICE, Comment

To this:
wbg1 = wanpipe2, , TDM_VOICE_API, Comment

A sample config for Sangoma wanpipeX.conf is here:

Okay, ISDN 101: there is a "network" side and a "user" side. (Also called
"terminal" or "cpe"). From what I see here you are trying to have FS be the
network side and the Cisco is the user side. Assuming that this is what you
want then you will need to use ozmod_libpri because the default OpenZAP PRI
stack does not currently support being the network side. You will need to
download and install libpri from downloads.digium.com and then you'll need
to reconfigure openzap. Follow these instructions to get libpri and openzap
working together:

And then check out this example openzap.conf.xml file for using libpri:

(Note that you don't want 'cpe' here but rather 'network'.)

Now, on the Cisco side... sorry, can't help you. However, I don't see any
glaring gotchas from looking at the configs. I don't see where timing is
specified nor do I see where the d channel is specified. Hopefully you can
confirm that those are set properly. (The cisco needs to be a "slave" to the
FS clock, also called "receiving clock"; d-channel is 23 or 24 depending on
how cisco numbers their channels.)

Have fun! :)

On Tue, Apr 7, 2009 at 5:37 PM, John Wehle <john at feith.com> wrote:

> Our FreeSWITCH setup has an existing T1 using RBS to talk to a digital
> modem pack in a Cisco 3845.  I'm interested in changing from RBS to
> ISDN.  I changed both sides, restart things, and see FreeSWITCH report:
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