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Anthony Minessale anthony.minessale at gmail.com
Wed Oct 29 11:04:15 PDT 2008

This all seems right and would make a great wiki page.
What you have described *should* work.

when a phone registers try doing
sofia_contact <user at domain.com>
from the cli on each box and see what you get.

you can also use this function in the dialpan
${sofia_contact(user at domain.com)}

check that they are both using the same domain name as the profile name
or at least have an alais for it etc.

if it's a bug i can fix it pretty fast as that is the intended behaviour
perhaps you can join irc and get us in the box(s) to have a look at it as we

do not have that situation labbed up anywhere.

On Tue, Oct 28, 2008 at 6:41 PM, Marc Lewis <marc at avvatel.com> wrote:

> I am in the process of making my FreeSWITCH installation highly
> available and I'm running into a couple of snags that was hoping that
> someone may have some insight on.
> First, the setup as it is now.
> There are two installations of FS on two different servers, lets call
> them fs1 and fs2.  They each pull their configurations, dialplan,
> directory and post CDR's all using mod_curl from a central web server.
> That part works great.
> Calls into and out of FS go through an OpenSER proxy set up using
> carrierroute.  That part also works great for outbound calls to the
> PSTN.  Inbound calls also come in through this OpenSER proxy and get
> routed to the primary switch fs1.  That also works perfectly as long as
> its going to fs1.
> fs1 and fs2 are both setup to use an ODBC connection to store
> registrations.  This is pointed to a MySQL database made highly
> available using the RedHat Cluster Suite on a shared fibre channel
> partition.  fs1 and fs2 both share the same database.  Voicemail storage
> on fs1 is directly mounted on a GFS2 partition, fs2 is mounting the
> shared storage from a different server via NFS for no single point of
> failure.
> For the phones, I have them setup to use SRV records and have fs1 at
> priority 10 and fs2 at priority 20 for acme.domain.com.  I've tested
> this and phones register to the correct server and the sip_registration
> table shows either fs1 or fs2 as the hostname as I would expect.
> Here is the problem.  If user 100 at acme.domain.com registers on fs2 and a
> call comes in from the OpenSER proxy to fs1, bridging the call to
> /sofia/internal/100%acme.domain.com from fs1 doesn't ring the phone.  Is
> there a difference between 'sofia/internal/100%acme.domain.com' and
> 'user/100 at acme.domain.com'?
> Calls out from either fs1 or fs2 routed to the proxy work fine, its just
> calls coming in from the proxy.  If the call doesn't go to the switch
> the user is registered on, the user's phone doesn't ring.  It still goes
> to voicemail, etc., so that part works.
> Is there a better way to cluster FreeSWITCH than DNS SRV records and a
> shared state database?
> Also, as a side note to Anthony, Brian, et al, if this is the best way,
> I'll be happy to write up a wiki page on how I have this setup with a
> lot more detail than this.  I was not able to find much in the way of
> highly available configurations or cluster configurations, so I put
> together this system using information cobbled from the wiki, mailing
> list messages and lurking on IRC.
> Thanks.
>  - Marc
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