[Freeswitch-users] Clustering FreeSWITCH

Marc Lewis marc at avvatel.com
Tue Oct 28 16:41:38 PDT 2008

I am in the process of making my FreeSWITCH installation highly 
available and I'm running into a couple of snags that was hoping that 
someone may have some insight on.

First, the setup as it is now.

There are two installations of FS on two different servers, lets call 
them fs1 and fs2.  They each pull their configurations, dialplan, 
directory and post CDR's all using mod_curl from a central web server.  
That part works great.

Calls into and out of FS go through an OpenSER proxy set up using 
carrierroute.  That part also works great for outbound calls to the 
PSTN.  Inbound calls also come in through this OpenSER proxy and get 
routed to the primary switch fs1.  That also works perfectly as long as 
its going to fs1.

fs1 and fs2 are both setup to use an ODBC connection to store 
registrations.  This is pointed to a MySQL database made highly 
available using the RedHat Cluster Suite on a shared fibre channel 
partition.  fs1 and fs2 both share the same database.  Voicemail storage 
on fs1 is directly mounted on a GFS2 partition, fs2 is mounting the 
shared storage from a different server via NFS for no single point of 

For the phones, I have them setup to use SRV records and have fs1 at 
priority 10 and fs2 at priority 20 for acme.domain.com.  I've tested 
this and phones register to the correct server and the sip_registration 
table shows either fs1 or fs2 as the hostname as I would expect.

Here is the problem.  If user 100 at acme.domain.com registers on fs2 and a 
call comes in from the OpenSER proxy to fs1, bridging the call to 
/sofia/internal/100%acme.domain.com from fs1 doesn't ring the phone.  Is 
there a difference between 'sofia/internal/100%acme.domain.com' and 
'user/100 at acme.domain.com'?

Calls out from either fs1 or fs2 routed to the proxy work fine, its just 
calls coming in from the proxy.  If the call doesn't go to the switch 
the user is registered on, the user's phone doesn't ring.  It still goes 
to voicemail, etc., so that part works.

Is there a better way to cluster FreeSWITCH than DNS SRV records and a 
shared state database?

Also, as a side note to Anthony, Brian, et al, if this is the best way, 
I'll be happy to write up a wiki page on how I have this setup with a 
lot more detail than this.  I was not able to find much in the way of 
highly available configurations or cluster configurations, so I put 
together this system using information cobbled from the wiki, mailing 
list messages and lurking on IRC.


 - Marc

Marc Lewis
Avvatel Corporation

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