[Freeswitch-users] FreeSWITCH as pure SIP proxy

Arturo Díaz Almagro arturo.diaz.almagro at gmail.com
Tue Oct 28 13:54:27 PDT 2008

Thanks, that is the solution I am working on now... and the one I wanted to
avoid..... At the moment, I am doing this with kamailio and asterisk. As far
as I get deep knowledge on FS I will replace Asterisk.


2008/10/22 kokoska rokoska <kokoska.rokoska at post.cz>

> Arturo Díaz Almagro napsal(a):
> > Thanks for your answers. In fact I am using Kamailio as SIP proxy, but
> > some additional functionality is needed that Kamailio cannot afford. I
> > need a B2BUA in the middle of the signaling between phones and Kamailio
> > to get track of dialogs and to interfere on them when neccessary. For
> > that reason I need FS to receive REGISTER messages and to forward them
> > to Kamailio just adding a Via record. From your answers I conclude that
> > FS cannot forward those REGISTER methods, don't I?
> >
> May be you can utilize some kind of dispatcher (kamailio|opensips|ser)
> in front of your registrar (kamailio) and B2BUA (FreeSWITCH) and route
> SIP request based on SIP method.
> In this kind of setup FS don't need to handle REGISTER messages at all
> and you get extra flexibility in SIP processing...
> Hope this helps :-)
> Best regards,
> kokoska.rokoska
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