[Freeswitch-users] Network Configuration Advice

Gonzalo Servat gservat at gmail.com
Fri Oct 24 22:08:59 PDT 2008

Hi All,

I'm running FS on a dual-nic box on a simple home network with a twist ;)
(see attached network diagram). I drew up the network diagram as I thought
it'll help explain what I'm trying to achieve.

A note on the diagram: the reason why the uplink exists between the switch
and the router is simply because the ISP on the FS box (eth1) is quite
unstable, so I've got a backup link to another connection which I manually
bring up & down when needed (basically involves changing the default gateway
to on the FS box)

I have a dynamic DNS host (which is the value of my FS "domain") which is
tied to whatever IP the FS box is assigned on eth1.

When the connection is up and running normally on eth1, everything is fine.
PC1 or PC2 can run a SIP client and connect to the FS box using the dynamic
DNS host as the server/domain. The problem comes in when eth1 is down and
PC1/PC2 start using as the gateway. The dynamic host would
resolve to some external address (the last addressed assigned by the ISP
before it went down), which means the connection would go out to the
internet and attempt to come in via the FS box, which fails as the
connection is down.

Since I'm fairly new to FS and given that it's a fairly abnormal setup, I'd
appreciate what you guys think would be the way to configure my domain and
SIP profiles so that I can register locally to FS as well as when I'm on the
road (ie. from the Internet, without using a VPN)

Thanks in advance and I hope the above made sense. I feel I'm complicating
things here as it's not a difficult setup, but I guess my lack of FS
knowledge doesn't help!
- Gonzalo
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