[Freeswitch-users] Socket inbound or outbound with PHP?

Dennis odermann at googlemail.com
Wed Oct 22 09:44:20 PDT 2008

I know, that I am missing a lot of things regarding freeswitch and
that I still have to learn a lot about it (it would be sad, if could
lear all aspects within a week ;-).

I will come back to your answer tomorrow, because I want to understand
every single aspect of it and I want to make my own little tests to
understand more.
I have to admit, that I have to think a little bit more about what I
read, if it is written in english :-)

Thanks again

2008/10/22 Anthony Minessale <anthony.minessale at gmail.com>:
> You have to learn and understand the terminology and structure.
> FSAPI is the name of the interface that allows the registration of arbitrary
> commands which can be executed by cli, xml-rpc and event socket, they are
> not tied to a specific channel at all.
> APPLICATION is the name of the interface that provides applications to be
> executed by individual calls
> they are designed with the concept that you have a channel and you want to
> make the channel do something these are the things you execute in the
> dialplan in the <action> tags.
> event socket has the command sendmsg which lets you send a message to a
> specific channel.  This can be any message but the one you are familiar with
> is the one that tells the session to execute an application.  Think of it as
> you are sending an instant message to the channel saying, please execute
> this dialplan application.
> The caveat to this is that it will only listen to you if you have first
> parked the call which is a mutual agreement between you and the call that
> you are allowed to control it.  The outbound event socket to your program
> explicitly puts the call into park and the originated sessions that execute
> park also fall into this category.
> the "api" event socket command is a way to execute FSAPI commands from the
> socket (anything you can type from the cli like "show channels")  There are
> several FSAPI commands that can manipulate calls but rather than sending
> them a message to execte some app you are specifiying the uuid to gain acces
> to the channel in order to carry out your command.  Most of these commands
> begin with uuid_ so there are things like
> uuid_bridge, uuid_kill, uuid_transfer etc.
> So in short, the answer is, yes, it's because you only started last week.
> Everything you want to be able to do is there for you you just have to shift
> your paradigm or as like Doc Brown likes to say "learn to think 4th
> dimensionally!"
> You may find it useful to join irc irc.freenode.net #freeswitch or use the
> applet on our homeage by looking for the chat login box on the right side of
> the page towards the bottom.  There are over one hundered people in there
> who can offer advice etc.

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