[Freeswitch-users] Socket inbound or outbound with PHP?

Dennis odermann at googlemail.com
Wed Oct 22 08:23:09 PDT 2008

Ahh, help, I found something out about my question and would like to
know, if I am really in trouble...
The problem is, when one does not read every single word.

Till now I always worked with socket outbound and a PHP script, which
forks the different processes. Everything seemed to work great (in my
little test environment) and I am at the point, where I could do most
if not all of the things I wanted to do with fs.

Today I made an originate over api, passed the inbound uuid to the
outbound and could control different things - I also could bridge both
calls. Great, I thought. Then I wanted to start the next little test:
Start a playfile from the outbound, so that the inbound can hear it...
It seems to be impossible to send a playfile or hangup (and more) over
api. Both command seem only to be available with sendmsg. But sendmsg
<uuid> does not work with socket outbound, at least not from the
outbound to the inbound.

show application and show api tell a lot and I do know, when I stopped
thinking :-( Perhaps my mistakes came up, because I started to use fs
one and a half week ago - I don't know.

So do I have to switch completely to socket inbound or is there a way
to continue using socket outbound? Or will I perhaps find out, that I
can not do some things with socket inbound, which I could do with
socket outbound?

In the moment I just do not know which way to go...


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