[Freeswitch-users] Socket inbound or outbound with PHP?

Dennis odermann at googlemail.com
Sat Oct 18 01:50:57 PDT 2008

>> When using socket outbound, freeswitch connects to the PHP-script, the
>> PHP-script forks and is registered to "myevents" (events all seems to
>> give me all events from all connections).
>> One of the problems I have with "outbound" is, that I won't get all
>> events. For example I do not get "hangup", because the socket
>> connection seems to die, before freeswitch sends the last command when
>> hanging up. With "ringing" the problem seems to be the same.
>> I only get a "hangup", when I register to "events all" and have to
>> active calls. When one of the two calls hangs up, i can see it by
>> printing out all events in the PHP-script.
> Good point.  I fixed latest release to linger on the socket until you get
> the channel_hangup
> event providing you did "myevents"

Anthony, that is so cool! It works exactly as I whished now. As far as
I can see, I get all needed events thanks to your changes. Thanks a
lot for the great support!

>> Another thing ist the events "heartbeat". Will I get the  "heartbeat"
>> for every single call or just one heartbeat for all calls?
> The regular heartbeat event is for the whole system in case you are managing
> a connection
> to several boxes or you want to be sure the box is up.
> There is a per call heartbeat you can enable at a desired interval for calls
> with media flowing through FS.

A per call heartbeat is exactly what I am looking for (as far, as I
get it, when registering to myevents). What does "calls with media
flowing" mean? What makes them different from other calls?
Where can I aktivate a per call heartbeat and where can I set the interval?

A more precise question about inbound/outbound: I want to read out the
events from freeswitch with my PHP-script and then tell freeswitch,
what to do next. I have the feeling, that "outbound" is the way to go.
But of course I also want to be able to start calls. Can I do this by
using "outbound"?

If I want to start a call without bridging two sides, is "originate"
the command to use? I have problems to understand, when to use
"sendmsg" and when to use "api". Like "bridge" works with "sendmsg"
and "originate" seems only to work with the "api" command.

Thanks again

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