[Freeswitch-users] Newbie Questions

Vito Andolini vitolini at gmail.com
Fri Oct 3 01:54:54 PDT 2008

Hi All,
I am familiar with Asterisk and doing some testing for my next project. I
have had some difficulties Asterisk, and now researching FreeSwitch hoping
that it has some out-of-the box answers for my questions. 
Basically I want to implement a Click 2 Call service.  Very simple, user
types in his/her number on a website, that number is called, after it's
answered, the company number is called and they are bridged together.
1) Is there a way to communicate with FreeSwitch programatically and issue
commands such as initiate calls etc ? (ver much like manager API in
2) If you initiate a call from the software and then once its answered call
a 2nd number. How do you bridge them? 
3) After the 2 numbers talk and hang up. How does your cdr look like? Do you
have 2 cdr's that correspond to both calls or just 1 after both numbers are
bridged together? This is one of the problems I can't solve with Asterisk as
it generates only 1 cdr after the 2 calss are bridged. The reason for this
request is, in case of a Click2Call service, you are charged for both calls
by your SIP provider therefore you need to be able to track both calls for
invoices/payments etc.
4) Is there a way to programatically know if a call has been asnwered or not
and act based upon that. I understand the cdr contains that information. But
what I want is, if the call is not answered maybe I can play a prerecorded
message or take them to the voicemail or whatnot. So I need a way to do a
flow-control based on if the call has been asnwered or not in the dialplan.
Does that exist? If so can you point me to some resources?
Vito A.
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