[Freeswitch-users] Help with outgoing calls

Bill O'Neal billoneal at bridgecom.biz
Wed May 7 06:58:28 PDT 2008

Provider.xml located in directory:default: Note: I tried to register the
provider through the sip_provider/outbound location but would not
register. I have set up a simple dialplan to call my cell phone. The
call comes in and connects fine but the outgoing doesn't work. Below is
the outgoing dial plan. Can anyone help - Thanks.
 <file:///E:\vpoint.xml##> - <include>
 <file:///E:\vpoint.xml##> - <user id="xxxxxxxxxx"> <!-sip provider user
name same as phone number -->
 <file:///E:\vpoint.xml##> - <gateways>
 <file:///E:\vpoint.xml##> - <gateway name="xx.xxx.xx.xx"> <!-sip
provider ip address -->
  <param name="username" value="xxxxxxxxx" />  <!-sip provider user
name, same as phone number -->
  <param name="password" value="xxxxxx" /> <!- Sip provider password
  <param name="expire-seconds" value="600" /> 
  <param name="register" value="true" /> 
  <param name="retry_seconds" value="5" /> 
  <param name="context" value="public" /> 
 <file:///E:\vpoint.xml##> - <params>
  <param name="password" value="xxxxxxxx" /> 
LLocated in my default.xml in the conf/dialplan 
 <file:///E:\default.xml##> - <extension name="outbound">
 <file:///E:\default.xml##> - <condition field="destination_number"
  <action application="set"
data="effective_caller_id_number=sipproviderusername at sipprovideripaddres
s" />
  <action application="bridge"
data="sofia/gateway/sipprovideripaddress/mycellphonenumber" /> 
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