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Confluence editing is an acquired knack, to be sure. I learned to tolerate its quirks since so much of this requires manual intervention to update the pages.

I know nothing about Django so I don't know how others would use your app.

Your demo page looks as good as Confluence could be expected to look. 

I suggest a "Type" field that declares whether it's a Boolean, string, numeric type to see that at a glance.

Also, don't forget about Confluence "labels" (tags, really). Those are important to tie together related pages wherever they sit in the ToC tree. There's a pretty good established list at the bottom of

Looks good to me, though.

Thank you!


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Hi list,

Take a look at

I was getting a little exhausted with Confluence automatic formatting.
What I really wanted was a simple UI to catalog the variables and then generate the pages as I saw fit. I also wanted to tune the formatting so that there weren't any inconsistencies.

So I made a simple Django app. You create a variable, assign it one or more categories, give it any number of usages (or none), include cross-references to other pages...

Then, when you want to add it to confluence, it spits out markup like what I've linked above.

Hopefully this will improve documentation efforts -- at least for the variables catalog.

What do you think? I'll put the source up on stash. Would anyone be willing to use this locally? I can also set the app on a public domain.

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