[Freeswitch-docs] Codebase Overview Dreams

Ryan Harris ryharris at airmail.cc
Sat Jan 27 20:21:28 UTC 2018

Hi list,

While browsing the documentation, I got the essence of a dream that
someone once had -- an overview of the codebase. If you look in Bit
Bucket under "For Consideration", there are a bunch of pages with the
names of config files linking to the old SVN source tree!

Anecdotally, it helps me to map high level software behaviors with the
underlying code. It's much easier to find out where to look when there's
a guide that walks users through the source tree. A light explanation
goes a long way in empowering the user to explore.

Can anyone point me to any previous attempts at this? A codebase
overview/walkthrough provides for a /great/ user experience (to the
right users :). It's my goal to invest some time in it when docscaping
is complete.


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