[Freeswitch-docs] Meta Pages? Meta Pages

Ryan Harris ryharris at airmail.cc
Fri Jan 26 11:37:29 UTC 2018

I hope we can address the documentation clutter before we get featured
on an episode of Hoarders :)

The natural and intuitive way to address the situation is to try to move
the existing pages wherever we think they should go. However, it's not
entirely clear *where* they should really go.

Think about configuration. Do we include information about serving
configuration from the SWIGed languages in the configuration section? Or
do we put those in sections dedicated to specific programming languages.
Often the sections can't be about one specific thing by necessity.

It's a dilemma. And, right now, it would be destructive to try to
reorder the pages beyond what's already been done. It will just make the
documentation inconsistent and more likely cause confusion.

Instead, I'd like to propose the idea of "meta pages". The idea is that
their only purpose is to link to other pages.

In the XML metapage, we link to *all pages* that discuss XML. In the Lua
metapage, Lua. Ad infinitum.

These pages, I think (I hope), will be able to help us find a natural
and logical way to organize everything. I'm going to start working on it

Tell me what you think!


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