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You're good now, I just added you to the confluence-editors group. They like to keep it restricted to legitimate accounts to avoid spam that used to happen on the old Wikimedia wiki.

It's a single sign-on so your Jira account works across the whole platform.

BTW, you also have a username "ryh" with the other information identical, FYI.

Thanks for any contribution you can offer, it is much appreciated.

I offered to help with the docs, but found it overwhelming since FreeSWITCH does so many things; there's no way I could possibly know enough to edit some of these pages for accuracy, so thank you.

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I think the Lua API Reference could use my help.

The `freeswitch.IVRMenu` section is outdated.

For one thing, the example has the wrong arity. The IVRMenu constructor takes 17 arguments, but this example seems to be missing a few.

It also doesn't show us how to execute the menu.

I was able to reproduce the demo_ivr in Lua and I'd love to add it to the documentation. I can post what I have here.

On another note, I'm not quite sure how to create an account on Confluence. I have a Jira account ryharris, but I can't find a link to sign up. 



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