[Freeswitch-docs] Completed Variables List Published

Bote Man bote_radio at botecomm.com
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I remember  that around the time that I first started investigating FreeSWITCH (early 2012?) that there was talk of a script that could be run against FS source code to parse out all the variables used. I have no idea if it would still work after so many revisions to the source code, but if it does it might reveal new variables.


BTW, this is the first I’ve seen these e-mails from Ryan, so they must have gotten stuck in a queue somewhere, we’re not ignoring you. Especially after all that effort!


¡Muchisimas gracias!





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The page tells about "every variable defined in the documentation".

Is this in the "documentation documentation" as in wiki and confluence, or in """documentation""" (triple quote) as in doxygen and source code?

Eg, is it possible there are variables in code that do things if used, but are not in the page?



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Hi list,

I've published the completed Variables Master List. It totals 638
variables! Wow!


Now work can begin on making category pages or whatever.

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