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I was fooled by the innocuous "Click to expand" at the bottom, then I clicked it to reveal this huge table of variables that I expected to be listed elsewhere. Maybe keep that revealed by default so it's obvious?

There's also a pair of macros that allow you to define a block on one page to be included on another. You might consider using them to include the Catalog at the top on the parent page. I think the name is "include" but you have to be careful which one defines the block to be included and which one actually plops it onto the target page.


My general rule of thumb is not to make people have to go on a 3-state hunt to find information. I'm actually a proponent of large pages containing related information. Hitting Control-F and searching within the page buffer is quick and easy. Hunting down pages containing only one paragraph just to figure out what one variable does always irritated me on the old wiki and a lot of people agreed.

Also, beware creating multiple databases that present the same information in different ways. The old wiki got out of sync when somebody would edit a definition in one place, while the other table listing the same thing went untouched. Then they became out of sync. 

I'm just speaking in generalities here, it's just that offhand I think there might 5 different pages that have been developed to list Variables so it's getting confusing for me :-)

Not to mention Dialplan Tools.

Oh boy!


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Hi list,

I've finished polishing the new Channel Variables section. I'll continue doing passes to make sure everything is okay.


A few things:

1. The new Channel Variables page has a child tree called Channel Variables Catalog that then has each variable category page. I'm not sure this is optimal UX. Maybe it's better to have the Channel Variables Catalog at the same level as the Channel Variables page. The fewer the clicks to get to this kind of information, the better. Thoughts?

2. Should I move forward with with the alphabetical list of variables?
It would probably go great on the Channel Variables Catalog.

3. There is a mod_fifo variables that I have somewhat completed. Should I put this on the mod_fifo page?


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