[Freeswitch-docs] Request for comment on new channel variable catalog

Ryan Harris ryharris at airmail.cc
Fri Feb 2 22:45:28 UTC 2018

On 02/02/2018 04:26 PM, Stanislav Sinyagin wrote:
> Next step, we need to find a way to index them. At the moment (I
> tried) it's impossible to make links to individual variables. This
> needs help from Confluence experts.

I found out about this, but it's not possible to do it by just giving
the variable name alone.


The format is a bit verbose, but probably not too difficult to generate:

<ac:link ac:anchor="dtmf_type">
  <ri:page ri:content-title="DTMF Variables"/>

Take a look at the _Variables page again and you can see where the
dtmf_type links to that variable.

This is partly why I did this in the Django app. Instead, I can make a
special tag {% var "dtmf_type" %} that will know to generate the above
code to link directly to the variable

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