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anthm corrected me when I was updating the docs a few weeks ago: start FS as root, it does necessary privileged actions, then drops privileges to the user and group specified on the FS command line, as specified currently in Confluence.




If you run ‘top’ you will find that FS is running at a very low nice level and lower priority level. Starting FS as root allows it to establish the proper priority level before dropping privs. This affects high volume installations, but you might not notice it on low call volume instances.






From: Sergey Safarov
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I my instalation FS runs as non privileged user without problems. Think root privileges recommendadion is specific for you.


On Thu, Oct 1, 2015, 18:01 Bote Man <bote_radio at botecomm.com> wrote:

Choosing the daemon group made sense to me, but if others know a better group by all means change it.


I discovered that FS must be started as root, then it quickly drops privileges. As to file owner and group, I’m not so sure.


It’s probably best to carry out this discussion on the FS-docs mailing list where others can see it.





From: Niek Vlessert [mailto:niekvlessert at gmail.com] 
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Hello Bote,


On the Freeswitch Confluence you are the one who changed the 1.6 installation page adding this:


Because you most likely built FreeSWITCH™ as root you must now create the user 'freeswitch' in group 'daemon' and change the FS files to owner = freeswitch and group = daemon (to allow system services to interact with FS) and set the file mode appropriately


I'm building some things to make it easier for people to get Freeswitch running after make install (Jira FS-7910 if you're interested). Now there is some discussion if the daemon group is the correct one or the freeswitch group. Could you shed some light on 'allow system services to interact with FS'?


Thanks in advance, regards,



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