[Freeswitch-docs] Inconsistency in mod_dptools pages

Bote Man bote_radio at botecomm.com
Wed Feb 18 02:10:33 MSK 2015

I started to simplify the page names under mod_dptools and only made it as
far as you currently see them listed. I was reluctant to resume the process
until I got consensus that this is the desired approach, as the page name
becomes the hyperlink to that page. Confluence is supposed to update
internal links between pages when the page name changes, but I have seen a
few odd cases where it did not.

Also, when page names contain special characters Confluence creates a
numeric hyperlink to the page instead of the recognizable link containing
the text name of the page, so the preference is always to avoid special
characters in page names.

I was adding the "excerpt" macro to the About section of the child pages so
that its contents would also appear in the macro on the parent page that
lists all the child page names, but the text inside the excerpt should be
kept short for this reason. When the excerpt is configured to be "inline" it
looks just like part of the sentence on the page so it can serve two

So I would just use the short "friendly" page name for record_session.

Thanks for pointing this out.


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Subject: [Freeswitch-docs] Inconsistency in mod_dptools pages


If you look at the children list of
you see that there are two ways of naming the pages:

1. By command name, like "detect_speech"
2. Long space-delimited name, like "mod_dptools: Dialplan Tools record

What is the correct way of naming and linking pages? I guess it's #1, but
I'm new to this Confluence, so I better follow some common standard.

has a broken link to "record_session" -- I guess I can modify it to refer to
the Confluence page, as soon as the first question is resolved, right?


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