[Freeswitch-docs] API Reference page or pageS?

Bote Man bote_radio at botecomm.com
Tue Feb 17 06:03:35 MSK 2015

My preference is for one large page that includes all the individual
commands and functions listed on it. This allows a reader to do a simple
text search within the page and locate quickly each instance. It also
reduces the total page count so that it is not so daunting.

I think the old wiki separated out each page and also used a wiki function
to combine them into a large aggregate page, but this is not possible with

As to the comment left on the bottom of the Confluence page, I believe those
benchmarks are very old. The FreeSWITCH development team favors Lua and I
believe that earlier implementations of a Javascript engine were rather
limited. I know they have switched to using V8 so any changes to the
documentation resulting from that need to be recorded.

I have no idea what JS functions work or not in FreeSWITCH so any wisdom you
can apply while editing is much appreciated.



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From: Nickolas Oliver
Sent: Monday, 16 February, 2015 14:41
Subject: [Freeswitch-docs] API Reference page or pageS?

First time posting to a mailing list, sorry if I'm Doing It WrongT

I'm looking to transfer over the JavaScript API reference pages. I've
noticed that there is a Lua
age+Choice> and so have been looking at the Lua API
ence> documentation implementation (single page). Someone has already moved
one JS page over
, indicating a page-per-API-point) but am wondering what the preferred
format is.

I'm sure everyone is aware of the virtues of consistent documentation
styling so I won't reiterate. :)


Nick Oliver

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