[Freeswitch-docs] First draft of a "Howto write an endpoint module"

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2. I'd vote for "Creatng new modules" or "How to create a new module" for a
little better clarity. See, I was confused about what the title meant so
even people smarter than I might get cornfused, too.




Merry Christmas!





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Bote & Brian,

thanks for the comments

1. labels

2. the use of "new"
There are two pages titled with the word "new"
    New Modules
    New Endpoints
What I think we mean in this case is "how to create a module/endpoint that
doesn't already exist"
Is there a better word for this? 
    Howto Write a Module?
    Howto Write an Endpoint?

3. scraping intra-page links from the TOC
BRILLIANT! I wish I'd known! 

4. Brian suggested that I should have included a link to the page.
Yes, good idea. I'll remember that for next time.

Merry Christmas y'all


On 2015-12-24 12:10 PM, Bote Man wrote:

I wonder why a few of these messages were stuck in queue for months at a


Anyway, that New Endpoints page by Pat looks really good at a glance/skim.


I doubt we should be naming pages "New." anything since they're only new for
a short time, then they're not any more. J



Each page should be tagged with one or more labels (in the plural)
describing the category under which it falls. This helps group pages
together inside the Confluence macros that rely on accurate labels and aid
in searches as well.








FreeSWITCH Docs Janitor




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