5 sec delay in FreeSWITCH when caller and callee tries to place the call off hold at the same time

Jyotshna Cherukuri jcherukuri_necc at yahoo.com
Tue May 15 13:47:51 UTC 2018


I have a scenario where caller and callee both place the call on hold and when they both try to un hold the call at the same time , I've noticed FreeSWITCH introducing 5 sec delay to unhold both the legs. I have tracked the 5 second delay in switch_core_media.c to switch_channel_wait_for_flag...

 if (b_channel) {  if (switch_channel_test_flag(session->channel, CF_HOLD)) {  switch_ivr_unhold(b_session);  switch_channel_clear_flag(session->channel, CF_SUSPEND);  switch_channel_clear_flag(session->channel, CF_HOLD);  } else {  switch_channel_stop_broadcast(b_channel);  switch_channel_wait_for_flag(b_channel, CF_BROADCAST, SWITCH_FALSE, 5000, NULL);    }  }
switch_channel_wait_for_flag is not returning back and its timing out I believe . I am not sure if this a valid bug and I want to understand why  it's not clearing CF_BROADCAST flag on one leg . Any help is appreciated .
Also, under perfect working scenarios I see "done playing file local_stream://xxx" on the console , but I dont see this log for the above scenario . 
Appreciate all your help ! 


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