[Freeswitch-dev] High System CPU Usage due to Freeswitch Application

Arjav Parikh arjav.parikh at panamaxil.com
Mon Jan 16 12:16:54 MSK 2017

Hello Freeswitch Developers,

Currently I have come through an very typical issue in freeswitch when used in Cent-OS 6 or Cent-OS 7. The issue as well as its findings is explained as below:

a) In freeswitch version 1.2.3 initially calls using sipp were made using 100 cps (Calls Per Second). Everything is working fine till now i.e CPU usage for User application as well System are normal. Apart from calls no other user specific tasks are performed. Now, as soon as the value of cps is changed from 100 to 150 then the CPU usage for system gets very high upto 75% - 80%. But if we make calls initially with 150 cps then no issue observed. It means when there is a change in cps then the issue is observed. This CPU usage do not get normal until freeswitch is restarted. I have observed this scenario in Cent-OS 6 as well as Cent-OS 7. Also i took trial by disabling the tickless support as well high resolution timer support in kernel as per suggested in community forums. 
I have also checked in Freeswitch version 1.6.10. Still no improvement observed.

b) Above setup was done in Cent-OS 5.10 and no issue was observed. Everything was working properly.  

Kindly guide me to solve this issue as this issue is affecting the business of our organization. 
In case of any more detail required do let me know. 

Request you to consider this issue as a high priority as it can be easily regenerated.

Thanks & Regards, 

Arjav Parikh 
Software Developer - C 
Email : arjav.parikh at panamaxil.com 
Skype : arjav.parikh.panamax

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