[Freeswitch-dev] Video build deps for CentOS 6

Matteo mbrancaleoni at voismart.it
Thu Jun 25 22:41:23 MSD 2015


----- Il 25-giu-15, alle 19:45, Michael Jerris mike at jerris.com ha scritto:

> for things like nasm, is that newer version out there for example in epel? that
> would be the best case.

Sure, the work I've done is already based on epel, so what is in epel is not built again.

I've rebuilt some epel packages only when a newer version is needed.

> Backup would be to take a source pacakge from something
> newer and just rebuild in a way that doesn't require any modifications,
> fallback we can put the src out on our download servers and create a job for
> it. As for x264, we will not be putting that in our repo, you'll have to find
> some way to get that into some official repo that we can reference, maybe see
> if you can get it into epel? The best case would be to get as much as possible
> directly into epel so it leaves us having to manage as little as possible.

The main "source" of deps (and troubles) is vlc 2.2, which needs a lot of stuff.

I've taken some packages from rpmfusion and rebuilt them, updating when needed.

So while epel is needed for deps, rpmfusion is not because all needed rpmfusion
packages have been rebuilt by me using same sources/specs (if not updated)

I don't know if epel will ever accept all packages, because some are also updates
to base system, like opencv which is present on CentOS base but too old and
ImageMagick, to name few.

So the picture is: if you want to have video under CentOS 6 without hosting
something (mainly vlc stuff and it's deps), you're out of luck since FS
requirements are on very recent packages.

Just a quick list of stuff needed:

base CentOS updates not present anywhere:
ImageMagick (updated), nasm(updated), libvncserver(updated), opencv(updated)

** from rpmfusion:
a52dec, faad2, gpac, lame, vlc(updated), libmad, mpg123(updated), x264(updated for vlc 2.2),

** from epel (rebuilt because different version)
libmpv2(updated), libshout(updated)

** from Freeswitch SD:
g722_1, broadvoice, libav, libcodec2, libsilk, libvpx, libyuv(updated), opus,
soundtouch, openh264, flite, ilbc (epel has a newer one, pay attention!)

This is the list (should be almost complete, I'm not in the office right now)
of what I've rebuit to have video running.

Is possible to reduce by 6 packages if rpmfusion is added with repo. Dunno if is wanted or not.

I think that epel will never accept updates to packages that are already into base distro.

And don't know about vlc and its deps... if rpmfusion exists maybe is because patents
does not allow it into epel?

What do you think?


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