[Freeswitch-dev] Need help: Detecting silence in an on-going call

Nicholas Blasgen nicholas at hellohunter.com
Mon Jun 22 20:35:02 MSD 2015

Take a look at the Wait_For_Silence module and see if that gives you the
required code for what you're trying to do.  I haven't looked at it, but I
suspect you can hack something together to make it work in more general
terms.  Calling the wait_for_silence module is one thing, since it doesn't
generate any audio on its side, but unless you're looking for silence on
both the A and B legs at the same time, I worry you'll have issues.

Anyways, my $0.02

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On Thu, Jun 18, 2015 at 2:35 PM, Navin Agarwal <agarwal.navin.rvce at gmail.com
> wrote:

> Hello Everyone,
> I am working on a FreeSWITCH project where I need to detect some features
> of an on-going call such as a period of silence, low volume and high
> volume, and report it to the user on-the-fly.
> I found a function "is_silence_frame" in "switch_ivr_async.c" which
> detects if a frame is a silence frame relative to a given threshold. I
> tried using that but I did not find any difference in the energy levels of
> frames which were silent and ones in which someone was speaking, so I am
> not able to use it.
> Can someone please help me in understanding how this works or if there is
> any other code or module that I can use to detect silence, low volume and
> high volume in an on-going call. Basically the idea is to perform some live
> analysis of a call and the above three are the ones that I could come up
> with till now.
> Any pointers here will be really appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Navin Agarwal
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