[Freeswitch-dev] FreeSWITCH GIT has moved to Stash!

Ken Rice krice at freeswitch.org
Thu Jul 3 07:59:34 MSD 2014


https://stash.freeswitch.org is Live!

If you have existing checkouts of FreeSWITCH, the git repos on
git.freeswitch.org will only be live for the next 30 days at which time they
will be retired. These repos will only be updated once per day! Move on over
to stash to get the latest!

How do you move to stash? There are 2 ways...

The hard way... Clone from Stash ex: git clone
Already have FreeSWITCH cloned? The easy way: git remote set-url origin

The easy way does not lose any local changes you have and any work in
progress. It simply resets in your local copy¹s config where the main repo
is located!

See https://confluence.freeswitch.org/display/FREESWITCH/Tips+for+using+Git
for more tips on using Git + Stash!

One other thing to note, If you like Github and its ability to create a copy
of a project so you can start helping out. Stash has that feature and many

If you want to login and check out whats there, just login with your normal
Jira credentials!

If you are a FreeSWITCH Committer (you know who you are) see:
https://confluence.freeswitch.org/display/FREESWITCH/Developers there is
information there that you need to review if you have not already done so!

If you run across any issues please email me directly so we can get these

irc.freenode.net #freeswitch
Twitter: @FreeSWITCH

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