[Freeswitch-dev] News, Notes, and ClueCon Weekly! Today 1PM EST

Ken Rice krice at freeswitch.org
Wed Jan 15 18:36:00 MSK 2014

Hey Guys Join us today for ClueCon Weekly at
sip:888 at conference.freeswitch.org  1PM EST.

Today we¹ll have Richard ³Moose² Genthner with Symplicity presenting Skydas
a FreeSwitch PHP API and Angular JS Mod_Callcenter Panel.

In other news, for you guys running Debian, we¹ve added 2 new debian repo¹s
for the 1.4beta branch and the Master branch from GIT. See
ages on how to enable these and start using the packages! (we¹ll some open
this up from Centos users with new yum repos as well. Watch for that in the
near future!)

Have a great week FreeSWITCHers!

irc.freenode.net #freeswitch
Twitter: @FreeSWITCH

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