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Michael Taylor | Omniscient michael at omniscient.com.au
Wed Feb 12 15:29:27 MSK 2014


I have used FreeSWITCH on NetBSD since 2008. I do not use many features and have not been keeping up 
to date with new versions. My last build was version 1.0.head in January 2011.

I offer my assistance. Time is a big constraint, but I am interested in continuing to use FreeSWITCH 
on NetBSD systems.

Your email prompted me to try a new build and succeeded in compiling git branch v1.2.stable

I was unable to compile the master branch due to a requirement of openssl >= 1.0.1e and NetBSD 6.1.2 
has only 1.0.1c, I did not try much other than going back to v1.2.stable

I disabled a few modules (mod_spandsp, mod_lua, mod_xml_cdr, mod_xml_rpc, mod_xml_scgi) because I 
did back in 2011.

A diff of the changes I needed to make are:

I was able to run freeswitch in console mode and it started cleanly but I have not tried connecting 
any phones or making any calls.

One of the biggest problems for NetBSD may be the time calibration. I had to build a NetBSD kernel 
HZ of 10,000 to get a reasonable calibration to happen.



On 08/02/2014 12:29, Brian West wrote:
> FreeSWITCHers,
> 	Is anyone willing and able to maintain any of the BSD platforms?  Currently you can not compile on Net/Open/FreeBSD with ease...
> OpenBSD and NetBSD are already well on their way to the unsupported due to no activity in the community to assist in maintaining these platforms.
> If you wish to assist in maintaining any or all of these platforms please let me know.
> Thoughts? Feedback? Feb. 12th we’ll be talking about this during our weekly call.
> Thanks,
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